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Operating hours about FedRex

Normal in operation Hours

Are we tend to open? Check the in operation hours for your space at notice Locations or transfer the 2016 vacation schedule to ascertain once our alternative in operation firms square measure open or closed. Has weather affected operations? to verify whether or not a place is affected because of weather or alternative conditions, head to the News space on our home page or decision one.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339. Do you have any 24/7 options? With FedEx SameDay® service, you'll ship on quarter day or the other day of the year. It's out there twenty four hours every day, twelve months a year for your pressing shipments.

Want to ascertain the total year schedule? read the 2016 yr schedule.
Supply order deliveries (envelopes, boxes, tubes, airbills, etc.) is also delayed for purchasers and FedEx locations throughout Thanksgiving week and therefore the 3 weeks before and through Christmas. If you have got associate degree extreme shipping offer emergency throughout these weeks, please contact your nearest staffed FedEx Express® location.1. If you wan tto get Fedrex holiday hours please clcik here

Post by fedrexholidayhours (2017-07-16 03:45)

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